For Parents & Guardians of pupils in Mrs Richards’ Class

At our school we only allow water to drink during class hours. Other drinks, (non fizzy) are allowed but not encouraged, as part of the children’s packed lunch. Therefore we would like to remind parents and guardians that the children will not be allowed to drink squash or any drink other than water whilst in class.

Please support us with this issue by ensuring that your child’s water bottle is filled with water and not squash.

A lot of pupils are bringing in healthy grapes for their morning snack, which is an excellent choice however due to the age of the children we would appreciate the grapes being cut in half rather than whole grapes. Please ensure that you cut the grapes along their length so that the grapes are easier to swallow in small slithers.

Whole grapes are a chocking hazard for nursery age pupils and therefore we would really appreciate it if the grapes could be cut at half at home, so that they are safe for the children to eat at school.

Thank you for your support in improving the health & happiness of our wonderful children.