A message from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Andrew Morgan

Friday, September 18th, 2020

Due to the significant increase and spread of Covid-19 in RCT, from tonight, the new enhanced measures introduced by the Welsh Government will come into effect across RCT. To help minimise any possible transmission, please observe social distancing outside of the school grounds and wear a face mask if possible, in line with the Council’s advice to residents issued on Thursday, September 10th. If your children are out playing during the evenings or weekends, please be mindful who they are with and what they are doing. Restricting the number of social contacts, maintaining social distancing and promoting effective hygiene are essential to reducing the risk of transmission. The next review of the Welsh Government restrictions will be in 2 weeks’ time and, if we are to see these measures reduced or even removed, then we all need to play our part in minimising the spread of coronavirus in our communities and keeping everyone safe.