We are listening

Analysis and results of our parent/guardian survey

At our school we welcome your opinions and are always looking to improve our provision and school. We want the very best for our children and for the community and together we can work towards ensuring that we reach the highest possible standards.

We thank you for taking the time to complete our parent survey and are working hard to improve our school based on the information that you have provided.

The results are as follows:

Q1. Does your child like coming to school?

Results: 94.6% of our pupils like coming to school at least ‘most of the time’
5.4% of our pupils do not like coming to school

Our Response
Our goal is that 100% of pupils ‘like coming to school’ and we have support available for pupils that ‘do not like school’. If your child does not like school then please let us know so that we can ensure that your child receives specialist support targeting his/her

Q2. Are you made to feel welcome when you visit or telephone the school?

We are pleased to confirm that 100% of our school community are made to feel welcome when visiting or phoning the school.

Our aim is to maintain 100%.

Q3. Do you think that the school has a warm and friendly atmosphere?

Again, we are pleased to report that 100% of our school community feel that the school has a warm and friendly atmosphere ‘most of the time.’

Q4. Do you feel that the school offers an ‘open door’ policy so that any concerns that you might have are dealt with in a reasonable timescale?

97.3% of our school community feel that the school offers an ‘open door policy’ for complaints most of the time.

Our Response
At our school we usually respond to complaints on the same day.
We are available by telephone and email. If you have a complaint then please contact us as soon as possible and we will respond within 48hours (Monday to Friday during term time).

Q5. Do you think that the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum?

97.3% of our school community feel that the school offers a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our Response
At this moment in time or provision is restricted due to Coronavirus safety measures. However, in our weekly staff meetings, the staff have regular discussions to improve our curriculum whilst ensuring that C19 safety measures are in place.

Q6. Does your child enjoy the learning experiences that the school offers?

94.6% confirmed that their child/children enjoy the learning experiences on offer.

Our Response
Our aim is that all of the children enjoy learning and understand the process of learning. We will now ask the children for their opinions of the experiences available at our school and we will be asking for their suggestions to improve the learning experiences.

Q7. Is your child encouraged to work to his/her full potential?

Parents & guardians responses:
81% yes
2.7% not really
2.7% no
13.5% unsure

Our Response
We have recently changed our assessment procedures with the aim of ensuring that all pupils are challenged. We will monitor these new procedures as well as the impact of our new marking and assessment policy. As part of this process, we will be asking the children for their opinions on the level of challenge presented, our goal is that all pupils feel that they are appropriately challenged and supported. We will also be sending autumn term progress reports home immediately after half term which will confirm the challenge of work for your child/children for this term.

Q8. Do you think that lines of communication between school and home are good?

Parents & guardians responses:
91.9% yes
8.1% no

Our Response
We have received good feedback in relation to the school app and would encourage all parents and guardians to use the app. Please remember to switch on the notifications within the settings section of the app, then you will receive reminders of events and letters.
We are also in the process of collecting email addresses for all our our parents/guardians.

Q9. Are you happy with the amount of homework that your child receives?

Parents & guardians responses:
94.6% yes
2.7% no

2.7% unsure

Our Response
We are monitoring the amount of homework that is distributed and will seek further information from parents and guardians in relation to this at a later date during this academic year.

Q10. Do you feel that the school tries to set high standards of behaviour?

Parents & guardians responses:
86.5% yes
2.7% no

10.8% unsure

Our Response
Feedback from professionals that visit our school is always very positive in relation to the behaviour of pupils. We appreciate that sometimes children make mistakes and then we have a range of interventions to support the child in question. We liaise closely with the local authority’s behaviour support department and ensure that support is available for pupils in need of behaviour support.
Our behaviour and anti-bullying policies have recently been reviewed, or are currently in the process of consultation. We have a staggered approach which takes time and ensures that all parties are supported. Parent and guardians are encouraged to read our new Anti-bullying policy which available on the school app in the document section or to view here. We are seeking feedback on the policy.

Q11. Do you think there is a respectful and trustworthy relationship between pupils and teachers?

Parents & guardians responses:
94.6% yes
5.4% no

Our Response
We are working hard to ensure that staff are good role models for the children. During our monitoring lessons and children’s work we always review the relationships in the class and if necessary will set targets for staff to improve.

Q12. Do you think parents could play a more active part in school?

Parents & guardians responses:
37.8% yes
13.5% no

48.6% maybe

Our Response
Events such as our literacy workshops have been successful in the past, however current restrictions do not allow events like this. We are currently reviewing our procedures and planning for Covid-safe parent events. We will also continue to collect parents’/guardians’ feedback via electronic surveys such as this one. We are always looking for volunteers to support the ‘Friends of Caegarw (PTA)’. If you are interested then please contact the school and ask for Miss Evans who will be very grateful for your support.

Q13. Do you think the school is well led and is moving forward?

Parents & guardians responses:
91.9% yes
2.7% no

5.4% unsure

Our Response
We are always planning for school improvement. Our senior management team are rigorous and strategic in monitoring and evaluating our provision. Standards over time are very good with over 95% of our pupils achieving level 4 (expected level) or higher in their end of year assessment at Key Stage 2 in literacy and numeracy (no data for 2020 due to school closure).
Our school improvement plans are created in conjunction with the governing body and developed through gathering information from pupils, parents/guardians, staff, Central South Consortium advisors, RCT Primary Education advisors and Governors. We use a range of monitoring strategies to evaluate our processes.
This term we are monitoring:
• The quality of teaching in the subject of English}
• Standards of pupils’ work in their English books
• Parents’ and guardians’ general questionnaire
• Well-being assessment for KS2 pupils
• Standards of literacy skills in pupils’ topic books
• Listening to learners to assess the quality of the teaching of English skills
• The standards of pupils’ work in their Mathematics books
Further aspects of school are evaluated throughout the school year and plans are proceeded to target improvement.