Changes to Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Today we have evaluated our procedures and have made slight adjustments to our Risk Assessment.

We have received feedback from parents and guardians about the drop off of pupils in Mrs Richards’ class as well as Miss Cowley/
Mrs Scorey’s class.

We are making slight changes to our procedures that will reduce the chances of parents and guardians crossing over on the nursery ramp at drop off time. These changes are for the health & safety of our pupils as well as the health & safety of our parents and guardians.

The NEW time for drop off of nursery class pupils is 9.10am. Please be as punctual as possible with this time.

Unfortunately, nursery parents/guardians that arrive too early will be asked to wait until it is time for their child/children to start school.

The NEW time for the drop off of pupils in Miss Cowley/Mrs Scorey’s class is 8.50am. The collection time for pupils in this class will be 3.10pm.

These changes will allow for an increased time for the children to safely enter school.

The new procedures will begin tomorrow (3rd November 2020) and we apologise for the short notice.

The drop off & collection times for all other classes will remain the same.

We would like to remind parents and guardians not to send their children to school if they, or any family member, have symptoms of Covid-19.

Again, we thank you for your support with this ever changing situation and look forward to working with you this half term.