Children In Need 2020

November 13th, 2020

Year 6 pupils have decided that this Friday (13.11.20) will be a
non-uniform day for all of our children.

The dress-up theme is ‘Rainbow Heroes’. The children are requested to wear bright colourful clothing of their choice.

The rainbow theme, chosen by the children, is to honour the great work of the NHS as well as to support the Children In Need appeal. The children are expected to wear their non-uniform clothes to school rather than change into them while at school.

On this day the children are invited to make a contribution (maximum £1) which will be collected for the Children In Need appeal. The money will be collected in a Covid-safe manner by dropping the coins into a container.

Some children, especially younger children, may prefer to wear fancy dress clothing such as superhero costumes or traditional tales costumes. This is perfectly acceptable as long as the children are warm enough and comfortable wearing the clothing. Please note that there is no need for any families to purchase new clothing or fancy dress items for this event.

The children will need to be able to remove the clothing by themselves to use the toilet etc. For health & safety reasons all pupils will have to wear sensible footwear, heels are not permitted and the shoes must cover the whole of the children’s feet eg no sandals etc.

As part of the event all of the children will be asked to colour in a rainbow picture, the pictures will them be used to decorate the class windows as a thank you to the NHS staff that work in our community, as well as to support the Children In Need event.