Live learning sessions

We are offering live learning sessions for the children.

These sessions will be delivered through the children’s Google Classroom.

The timetable for live learning from Monday to Thursday each week is as follows:

9.00am – Mr Young’s class

10.00am – Mrs Richards’ Nursery age children

10.20am – Mrs Richards’ Reception age children

11.00am – Mrs Gowen’s class

11.30am – Miss Hawkins’ class

12.00noon – Mr Toppings’ class

On Fridays there is a live assembly for all the pupils in our school which will be held at 11.00am, the link will be shared in their Google classroom.

Parents and guardians are requested for complete the consent form to allow the children access to live learning.

The link for the Foundation Phase age children consent form is:

The link for the Key Stage Two consent for is:

Please contact the school if you are having technical problems and we will be able to support you.