Communication with School staff

Dear Parents and Guardians

We welcome correspondence with all of our school community and have several options for your to contact us.

The school office is the main form of communication and the school clerk is working from school during this period of time and will be available to answer your phone call. The phone number is:
01443 473730.

You can also email us using the admin address:

For specific queries in relation to the children’s work you can contact the class teachers using the following email addresses:

If you would like to speak to a class teacher then please phone the school on 01443 473730 to arrange an appointment.

We are also on Twitter and our Twitter address is @CaegarwPriSch. Please remember that unless you input our address into the Tweet then we will not be able to see the tweet and neither will be be notified that you have sent a tweet. Rather than direct tweets if you could use the messages function within twitter for direct messages as this is the easiest location for us to see any messages.

Once again we thank you for working with us and we welcome your opinions.