Older pupils to return to school

from Monday March 15th, 2021

From Monday March 15th our Key Stage 2 learners will be allowed to return to school.

This is very good news however we will need your support to ensure that school can remain open and that it is as safe as possible.

Please support the school by:
• Wearing a face mask at all times when dropping children off or collecting children
• Not parking on the yellow lines outside the school
• Maintaining 2 metres social distancing from other adults at all times
• Not sending your child/children to school if they are unwell
• Not attending the school site if you are unwell
• Familiarising yourself with procedures for the drop off and collection of pupils
• Not gathering for chats or meetings outside the school gates

We thank you in anticipation of your support to improve the safety of our school.

Please do not be concerned about school uniform for the children. We understand that the children’s school uniform might now be too small for them. Therefore, if you don’t have a uniform that fits then it’s perfectly acceptable to send the children to school in suitable clothing of your choice.

Further information about the return to school will be posted on the app as soon as possible.