Healthy Packed Lunch

A healthy and nutritious diet is what we all want for our children.

Our packed lunch policy supports this and encourages parents and guardians to provide a healthy packed lunch for the children.

It is a fair policy that the children support, our policy allows one small treat as part of the children’s packed lunch.

Most children are having a healthy packed lunch at school but this can be difficult if a few children bring in too many unhealthy snacks, the children see this as unfair.

Please remember to limit the snacks to ONE small snack a day.

Do not provide –
• adult size chocolate bars (smaller versions are available and much cheaper, please note that one SMALL chocolate bar still contains a very high percentage of sugar and fat)

• a mixture of different snacks such as pepperoni, crisps and chocolate bars

• fizzy drinks (water, small portion of fruit juice or weak squash are the preferred options)

We understand that some children can be fussy with foods and can support you with these issues. Improving the children’s diet will significantly improve their ability to concentrate and learn as well as their general health.

Please support the children and out school by following our policy and ensuring that lunch times are fair for all of our children.