Children in Need 2021

Friday November 19th 2021 is Children in Need Day.

Last week our school’s First Minister, along with Year 6 Cabinet leaders, organised a pupil survey to discuss fundraising ideas for Children in Need.

The outcome of the survey was that Friday November 19th is a non-uniform day for all pupils and the ‘optional’ theme for the non uniform is ‘dress like a teacher!!!’. The children are encouraged to ‘generally’ dress like a teacher or to dress like any member of staff in the school. If preferred, the children can wear non uniform of their choice.

The First Minister has also requested that the staff join in but that the staff ‘dress like a child’ for Children in Need.

As usual we will be holding class collections to raise money for Children in Need and the recommended contribution is £1 per pupil.

Please ensure that the children’s clothing is appropriate for school especially the footwear.